Foreseeing the future to achieve ultimate potential.


Anticipating the future and reflecting on how to be among the group of companies and brands that will make that future a reality, having as fundamental premises the protection, expansion and perpetuation of the business.


Structuring the organization as required to fulfill the mission of successfully accomplishing its strategic planning, ensuring the preservation of its culture, values and principles, from the inside out.


Distill, disseminate and acculturate all stakeholders and publics of interest as to the vocation, history and legacy of the founders and of the brand, protecting all of their elements of language in their day-to-day use.

Marketing (and Sales)

Communicate and (to then go ahead and sell) establish relationships with all stakeholders and publics of interest, quantifying and measuring results and the return on investments; including intangible and qualitative returns.


Implement a cyclical process of studies and surveys to capture all types of essential internal and external data and information in order to nourish tactical, operational and strategic decisions.


Eliminate barriers and cultivate processes that will produce insights into problems, needs or trends and, from there, implement practical initiatives for results that are measurable.

Journey and experience

Map, interpret and manage all points of contact via their channels of communication and relationship with – and sales of products and services to – stakeholders, publics of interest and customers. 


Implement what has been planned and agreed internally and in the market; take it off the drawing board and make it happen – regardless of the unexpected and imponderable events that will no doubt occur.

Market intelligence

We produce knowledge that is rich and credible, from inside and outside the company, which helps in analyses for decision making. .

Strategic planning

We apply methodology and business tools that enable you to solve difficult or complex problems so as to produce robust growth and generate profit.

Tactical and operational execution

We make our action plans happen in practice – shoulder to shoulder with our partners and customers.

We are specialists in assisting business owners and presidents and directors of companies who have autonomy and are responsible for the future of their businesses, their brands and the people under their leadership and command.

Regardless whether the challenge is a turnaround, succession, growth, sale, merger or acquisition – under any scenario, we can help you to achieve your goals and objectives.

We want to understand, discuss and work to establish models of action in which we can share part of the risks and the gains.

Fill out the online questionnaire to get a diagnosis of your company and have access to the maturity report based on the ABOVE ALL©concept and methodology. With the result in hand, start transforming your business. It’s fast and free. And It depends entirely on you.

HDI Insurance

Human. Digial. Innovative.

Instituto Tênis

We form athletes, professionals and individuals


Learning that ensures achievements


A place to feel


Building confidence since 1970


Maximiliano and SONNE have brought to HDI a productive provocation and discussion about the understanding of who HDI is and how it should design and present itself to the market. The connection and consistency of branding, business model, strategy and future clearly defined the paths for HDI to pursue.

Murilo Riedel

We at Prepara Cursos rely on SONNE to better understand the scenario in which we operate, not only as regards education, but also in franchising and innovation. (…) Based on these analyses, it was possible to evaluate the different profiles of publics that we serve (investors, students, parents, society, etc.), as well as the economic scenario in which they take part.

Rogério Gabriel

We knew that it was necessary to transform the business and position it for the future. After all, the hospitality market in which we operate is changing profoundly, and these changes only tend to accelerate. Our market is practically being restructured by a confluence of new applications, new ways of hosting… SONNE’s methodology has helped us to see what that future might look like and to create conditions to adapt to it without compromising our values.​

Henry Maksoud Neto

Max has helped Endeavor support entrepreneurs to develop a solid growth plan, tremendously increasing targets, while at the same time building together an achievable and easy to understand roadmap of how to get there. He has helped entrepreneurs to organize their ideas and unleash their full potential to build much larger businesses.

Paulo Veras
Managing Director ENDEAVOR

Max is one of the most brilliant professionals I have ever met. The ability to deeply understand the client, to capture what troubles his counterpart in conversation and to propose a tailor-made work model is one of his greatest virtues. Adding value to the business and not simply doing it for the sake of getting it done is another characteristic that qualifies him as a professional who seeks purpose in what he does. At the same time he manages to demonstrate a strategic vision, linear thinking and pragmatism. He was responsible for leading the strategy process, positioning and architecture of the JBS Group’s beef brands, materializing the differentiations between the brands and adding value to the category!

Maria Eugenia
Marketing Manager – JBS

Universidade da Pessoa
Tal Chá
Rock Content
Raphael Falci
Minha vida
Maksoud Plaza
Lucia Milan
Lilis Blanc
Kelly Services
Instituto Tênis
Grupo Prepara
Gold & Fun
Friboi Reserva
Friboi maturata
Friboi do chef
Friboi Angus
Faber Castel
Center Fórmula
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