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SONNE is a consultancy whose focus is developing and implementing strategic planning. We are experts in the eight work fronts that are intertwined with the one front we consider most vital for any company – strategy. And, also, on the other fronts connected to strategy, namely: marketing, design and management, as well as the other four pillars that are at the foundation of the ABOVE ALL© concept.

Based on our proprietary concept and methodology, our team actively participates in the entire consultative and executive process of each of our projects, working collaboratively and promoting the maintenance of an environment that seeks to set recurring milestones for the goals that make up the overall objectives of the project. We are above average in everything we do and deliver.

We always employ a systemic and long-term vision in each recommendation, and we position ourselves on all the decisions that need to be made by the owners and managers of the companies that hire us. We work with agility – long before the term became popular. We are a company founded and conducted with the spirit of ownership, that’s why most of our customers are medium and large family-owned businesses.  

Our consulting work challenges the status quo and drives the people involved to leave their comfort zone to enter a zone of transformation which leads to a change in the levels of the fundamental indicators of any business – revenue and profit. 



Anticipating the future and reflecting on how to be among the group of companies and brands that will make that future a reality, having as fundamental premises the protection, expansion and perpetuation of the business.


Structuring the organization as required to fulfill the mission of successfully accomplishing its strategic planning, ensuring the preservation of its culture, values and principles, from the inside out.


Distill, disseminate and acculturate all stakeholders and publics of interest as to the vocation, history and legacy of the founders and of the brand, protecting all of their elements of language in their day-to-day use.

Marketing (and Sales)

Communicate and (to then go ahead and sell) establish relationships with all stakeholders and publics of interest, quantifying and measuring results and the return on investments; including intangible and qualitative returns.


Implement a cyclical process of studies and surveys to capture all types of essential internal and external data and information in order to nourish tactical, operational and strategic decisions.


Eliminate barriers and cultivate processes that will produce insights into problems, needs or trends and, from there, implement practical initiatives for results that are measurable.

Journey and experience

Map, interpret and manage all points of contact via their channels of communication and relationship with – and sales of products and services to – stakeholders, publics of interest and customers. 


Implement what has been planned and agreed internally and in the market; take it off the drawing board and make it happen – regardless of the unexpected and imponderable events that will no doubt occur.

Market intelligence

We produce knowledge that is rich and credible, from inside and outside the company, which helps in analyses for decision making. .

Strategic planning

We apply methodology and business tools that enable you to solve difficult or complex problems so as to produce robust growth and generate profit.

Tactical and operational execution

We make our action plans happen in practice – shoulder to shoulder with our partners and customers.

We are specialists in assisting business owners and presidents and directors of companies who have autonomy and are responsible for the future of their businesses, their brands and the people under their leadership and command.

Regardless whether the challenge is a turnaround, succession, growth, sale, merger or acquisition – under any scenario, we can help you to achieve your goals and objectives.

We want to understand, discuss and work to establish models of action in which we can share part of the risks and the gains.



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