“SONNE performed a quick and accurate reading of our scenario. To each meeting, SONNE brought a new and instigating provocation, contributing so that together we could envision and design what the company of the future should be.”

Murilo Riedel, president HDI Brasil
A century-old and solid company, an intelligent strategy, a reliable product. In the first decade of the 2000s, driven by a bullish cycle in the Brazilian economy, HDI, a German company focused on auto insurance, prospered and quickly became the fifth largest insurer in Brazil. However, the country’s economic decline plunged the automotive sector into a dire crisis, with repercussions on HDI’s business. In addition, new players appeared on the market offering online services and making intensive use of technology while the popularization of apps focused on urban mobility has revolutionized the relationship between cars and people. SONNE arrived at HDI with the mission of helping a cohesive and experienced group of C-level executives to develop a new strategic plan; after all, it was necessary to go beyond selling motor vehicle insurance. After performing a conscientious analysis of the company’s assets and consistent studies of the market and the competition, SONNE was able to recommend a portfolio diversification and to build, together with the team, a value proposition that surprised and engaged the heads of the company: to position HDI as the insurance company that accompanies its client’s journey of mobility, regardless of how that journey is realized. With that, HDI takes a big step towards a future in which cars will be less and less present while people will be moving more and more.


The biggest challenge was to rethink the market positioning of an insurance company for which its main product – automobile insurance – represented 95% of revenues at a time of a severe crisis in Brazil’s automotive sector.

Deliveries – “On Request” Consulting


  • Benchmarking
  • Exploratory study (internal/external)
  • Field research
  • In-depth interviews
  • Observation of Buyer Behavior
  • Quantitative survey
  • Secondary data research
  • Segmentation survey


  • Brand identity (strategic dimensions)
  • Business model
  • Market and business analysis
  • Market positioning
  • Perception and capture of value
  • Value Proposition

Marketing (and sales)

  • Action plans and Go to Market
  • Buyers, decision-makers and market influencers
  • Channels of communication and content
  • Communication and relationship platform
  • Competitive differentiation and pricing
  • Decision-making journey of the consumer and customer
  • Marketing budget
  • Portfolio of products and services
  • Positioning and flow of communication
  • Sales channel and team
  • Segmentation of consumers/customers

Journey and experience

  • Brand advocacy cycle
  • Brand experience map
  • Drivers of loyalty and brand relevance
  • Manageable and unmanageable points of contact
  • Motivators and qualifiers of the decision to buy
  • Purchase decision tree


  • Brand diagnostic and market scenario
  • Brand identity (dimensions of expression)
  • Brand platform and pillars
  • Brand positioning
  • Language and contact points


After two years and 271 projects that completely changed the company, from its headquarters to its portfolio of products and services, HDI Seguros launches an advertising campaign to mark its new phase. “The transformation was so great that we are practically a new company. The objective is to present this new HDI to the market”, says Murilo Riedel – company CEO.

“HDI started 2019 as the insurance company that grew the most in the coverage of automobiles, homes and businesses. Just the same, we continue to create new products and new processes – which brokers and consumers will soon learn about – and which will explain our year 2020”, says Riedel. “The triennium from 2017 to 2019 was the company’s best in its 30 years in Brazil, but expectations for 2020 are even higher. We are certain that we will grow even more”, concludes the executive.

Also read about the launch of the HDI campaign:

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