“The project developed by SONNE changed the company’s culture. Internally, people understood the relevance of engaging the concept of branding applied to the market for meat; until then just perceived as a commodity. This entered the organization’s DNA.”


Renato Costa, president – JBS meats division
Until JBS changed everything, buying meat in a supermarket was just that: comparing trays, prices and cuts and then choosing. The company’s decision to apply the classic concepts of branding, value chain and differentiation to this segment was a milestone in the sector and positioned it at another level in relation to the competition. However, for the ultimate consumer, it was still difficult to perceive the differences between the distinct brands under the Friboi umbrella, keeping the company from achieving the expected results. SONNE’s mission was to work on the best segmentation of the Friboi brands in such a way that, when standing before a store’s meat rack, the customer would know exactly what he or she was taking home. However, as the work progressed, SONNE showed the company’s management that it would not be possible to build a new brand architecture without immersing itself deep into the business. It would also be necessary to have a broad understanding of the sales channels and the origination of the meat processed by JBS. Thus it was done and, at the end of this trail, SONNE was also entrusted with redesigning the brand aiming to improve its visibility on all platforms – including digital. The three pillars of the ABOVE BRANDING CONCEPT© – management, marketing and design – were addressed over a period of 26 months of work. Due to the extent of its scope, the JBS-SONNE case became known even among managers of other business areas.

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