“SONNE’s differential is that it truly embraces and espouses the customer, creating a unique business partnership. The greatest quality of this team is being able to look at the scenario in perspective, facilitating decision-making even if they are difficult decisions. Our company has matured a lot since we started this work.”

Henry Maksoud Neto


With its magnificent building one block from São Paulo’s Avenida Paulista, the Maksoud Plaza has established itself as a synonym of luxury and glamor in the city’s hospitality industry. Inaugurated in 1979, it soon became a meeting point for executives, politicians and celebrities. Its 416 suites have hosted from Frank Sinatra – who played four shows in the hotel’s Grand Noble Hall in 1981 – to rock star Axl Rose; from Prince Rainier of Monaco to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. At the turn of the 2000s, however, guests began to wane. Debt and legal battles had been progressively affecting the quality of services. The death of hotel founder Henry Maksoud in 2014 aggravated the crisis, but, on the other hand, bestowed upon the founder’s heir, Henry Maksoud Neto, an opportunity to rebuild the legendary family business. With the support of SONNE, present since the beginning of the new management, the hotel has been developing strategic planning for the long run since 2016, in harmony with the current reality of the segment and the new profile of guests. By valuing its assets – among which a strong brand and indisputable know-how – and identifying other markets, the company seeks to become more than just a place for staying and entertainment. As an ecosystem, the Maksoud that is being designed today opens room for different businesses within its core – from co-workings to short-term rentals and creation of items under co-branding. Embracing and being embraced by the city that serves as witness to the stories of its past and to its bold present.


The big challenge was to revitalize the MAKSOUD PLAZA brand to restore its position as one of the main references in São Paulo and Brazil in luxury hotels, addressing a scenario of succession of the company’s president and an unfavorable environment due to legal issues that prevented foreign investment in the hotel, resulting in a history of negative results in the very midst of the economic crisis and a change in the tourism market.

Deliveries – Agile Consulting


  • Benchmarking
  • Exploratory study (internal/external)
  • Field research
  • In-depth interviews
  • Observation of Buyer Behavior
  • Quantitative survey
  • Secondary data research
  • Segmentation survey


  • Brand identity (strategic dimensions)
  • Business model
  • Market and business analysis
  • Market positioning
  • Perception and capture of value
  • Value proposition


  • Change of management and culture
  • Hiring, admission and integration process
  • Mission and macro processes
  • Organization and operational structure
  • Organizational diagnosis and assessment
  • Performance assessment, orientation and dismissal process
  • Profile of leadership and requirements
  • Required organization and team / staff
  • Team and individual progress management
  • Team and personal profiles

Marketing (and sales)

  • Action plans and Go to Market
  • Brand reputation and relevance
  • Buyers, decision-makers and market influencers
  • Channels of communication and content
  • Communication and relationship platform
  • Competitive differentiation and pricing
  • Decision-making journey of the consumer and customer
  • High performance sales team
  • Marketing budget
  • Portfolio of products and services
  • Positioning and flow of communication
  • Sales channel and team
  • Segmentation of consumers/customers

Journey and experience

  • Brand advocacy cycle
  • Brand experience map
  • Drivers of loyalty and brand relevance
  • Manageable and unmanageable points of contact
  • Motivators and qualifiers of the decision to buy
  • Purchase decision tree


  • Brand diagnostic and market scenario
  • Brand engagement and culture
  • Brand identity (dimensions of expression)
  • Brand name and redesign
  • Brand platform and pillars
  • Brand positioning
  • Language and contact points
  • Measurement and adjustments

Implementation (and management)

  • Measurement and adjustments

  • Tactical and operational actions and developments


MAKSOUD PLAZA has been revamping itself not only with actions that differ from what its public was used to, but also through the restructuring of its teams to meet market needs and become competitive again. After increasingly greater deliveries of results throughout 2019, the sales team broke a historical record in total revenue BRL 7.137 million in August. Compared to the period from January to August 2018, there was an increase of 12% – a very consistent number for an independent hotel. But going back to 2014, when the hotel’s president changed, the hotel’s monthly revenue averaged BRL 3.250 million, meaning an increase in revenue of 219%.

For further information, please go to: https://www.revistahoteis.com.br/maksoud-plaza-bate-recorde-de-vendas-no-seu-40o-aniversario/

In the year that it commemorates four decades of existence, Maksoud Plaza, one of the most traditional hotels in São Paulo, appears to have many reasons to celebrate. Still in the process of revamping its commercial area, the company’s lodging/hospitality area set a historical record in terms of revenue generation. Its cumulative sales report shows that the average monthly revenue between January and August 2019 was BRL 7.1 million.

The indicator is 12% higher than reported for the same period last year and represents a 219% jump over the BRL 3.2 million obtained in 2014 when there was a change of the organization’s president. Since then, Henry Maksoud Neto has occupied the position of president of the company.

For further information, please go to: https://www.panrotas.com.br/hotelaria/mercado/2019/10/maksoud-plaza-anota-recorde-em-receitas-obtidas-ate-agosto_168607.html

“From what was seen as a 65 year old in 2016, employees began to perceive the hotel as a strong 40 year old in 2018”, reveals the president of the Maksoud Plaza.​

​“The results of the study encourage us since they reveal a renewal of thoughts and actions over a period of just two years. And ‘innovative’ was the word used most often to translate how employees see the hotel today”, adds Henry Maksoud Neto.

For further informaition, please go to: https://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/inovacao-tambem-e-sobre-pessoas-icone-da-hotelaria-paulistana-chega-aos-40-anos-dando-protagonismo-ao-seu-time/

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