Making your business walk the brand you talk.


  • Brand identity (strategic dimensions)
  • Business diagnostics
  • Business model and assets
  • Due diligence of strategic assets
  • Economic and financial model

  • Future and strategic scenarios
  • Instilling the corporate culture & realizing synergies
  • Market and business analysis
  • Market and business theses
  • Market positioning
  • Perception and value capture
  • Qualification of customers and competitors
  • Strategic statements and panels
  • Value propostition
  • Vocation, history and legacy


  • Career plan and map
  • Change of management and culture 
  • Hiring, admission and integration process  
  • Macro processes and missions of areas
  • Model of incorporation, succession and professionalization  
  • Organizational and operational structure 
  • Organizational diagnosis and assessment 
  • Performance assessment, orientation and dismissal process 
  • Profile and leadership requirements 
  • Remuneration reward and bonus system
  • Remuneration reward and bonus system
  • Required organization and team / staff 
  • Team and personal profiles 
  • Team and individual progress management
  • Training/enablement and development process 


  • Brand architecture and portfolio 
  • Brand diagnostic and market scenario 
  • Brand engagement and culture 
  • Brand extension and new brands 
  • Brand platform and pillars 
  • Brand system and brand management 
  • Brand identity (dimensions of expression)
  • Brand positioning
  • Language and contact points 
  • Name, signature and tagline 
  • Product conceptualization and packaging 
  • Resignification of brand and category 

Marketing and Sales

  • Action plan and go to market 
  • Brand positioning for communication
  • Brand reputation and relevance  
  • Buyers, decision-makers and market influencers  
  • Calendar of specific actions/initiatives and content 
  • Communication and relationship platform 
  • Competitive differentiation and pricing 
  • Competitive environment and marketing diagnostic  
  • Decision-making journey of the consumer and customer 
  • Flow and channels of communication and relationship 
  • High performance team in sales and distribution channels – B2C 
  • High-performance ecosystem – B2B
  • Investments and financial mode
  • Management of product and category 
  • Marketing budget and financial indexes 
  • Pillars, objectives and goals of marketing and sales 
  • Portfolio of products and services 
  • Segmentation of consumers and customers 


  • Disruption of industries and segments (businesses, products or services)  
  • Generation of trends and demand (businesses, products or services) 


  • Anthropological study 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Discussion group 
  • Ethnographic study  
  • Field research 
  • In-depth interviews 
  • Internal and external exploratory study 
  • Observation of buyer behavior  
  • Quantitative research
  • Secondary data research 
  • Segmentation research
  • Other

Journey and experience 

  • Agents and actions of influence
  • Consumer and customer feelings and thoughts 
  • Decision tree, motivators and qualifiers of the decision to buy 
  • Drivers of loyalty and brand relevance 
  • Expectations and interactions with the brand 
  • Loyalty cycle and brand defenders  
  • Manageable and unmanageable points of contact 
  • Moments and stages in the ‘path to purchase journey’ 

Implementation and management 

  • Measurement, adjustments and corrections 
  • Tactical and operational actions and developments 

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