In this day and age, we are experiencing a thrilling and dizzying moment. We have abolished the impossible and learned that asking questions is more valuable than knowing.

Soon, we will live to be 150 years old. Our brains will be connected to each other in a decade’s time. Knowledge will be accessible, affordable, ubiquitous, and shareable. What ventures will we  embark on in this, the best world to live in at any time?


The VUCA acronym was coined by the US military to describe volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments – in other words, the world we live in today. How do we survive and even thrive in such a challenging environment? We’re discovering together, but we already have some answers: by nurturing curiosity, continuously learning, and valuing empathy. This is how we engage with our clients.


In the near future, as we live longer and have access to an unprecedented arsenal of technologies to save time and effort, what kind of society will we be in the coming decades? What will we do with our free time? Will we travel in virtual reality environments, without leaving our country? Will we need more entertainment? What opportunities could a longer and, perhaps, more enjoyable life bring to your business?


First, man interacted with the machine. Then, the machine began to interact with man. Today, and increasingly so, the machine interacts with the machine. In a few years, you will arrive at your home driven by a driverless car, find the door ajar (lost keys never again) and the cooled environment the way you like it. Even today, the Internet of Things is already part of our lives and the big question is: will it liberate us or imprison us? In the coming years, this will be the great choice for all of us – individuals and businesses.

SONNE is a consultancy firm that specializes in developing and executing strategic planning.

Through our proprietary methodology, ABOVE ALL©, our team actively participates in every aspect of the consultative and executive process of each of our projects, working collaboratively to maintain an environment that constantly achieves recurring milestones and meets overall project goals. We consistently deliver above average results in all we do.

We employ a long-term and systemic perspective in every recommendation and take a stance on all decisions that need to be made by the owners and managers of the companies we serve. We work swiftly and have been ahead of the curve in agility long before it became a trend.

Our consultancy challenges the status quo and drives those involved to step outside their comfort zones and into a zone of transformation, leading to a change in the fundamental performance indicators of any business: revenue and profit.

Market Intelligence

We produce valuable and credible knowledge both inside and outside the company, which aids in the analysis for decision-making.

Strategic Planning

We apply business methodology and tools to tackle challenging or complex problems to drive robust growth and generate profit.

Tactical and Operational Execution

We make our action plans a reality on the ground, working closely with our partners and clients.

We are experts in serving business owners, presidents, and top executives who hold autonomy and are accountable for the future of their company, brands, and people under their leadership and command.

No matter if the challenge is a turnaround, succession, growth, sale, merger or acquisition – in any scenario, we can assist you in reaching your targets and objectives.

We’re willing to comprehend, negotiate and collaborate to establish operating models where we can share in both the risks and rewards.

Our calling is to drive a massive transformation on a global scale that will yield an abundance of wealth to enhance the lives of individuals, societies, and nations through private companies and organizations.

A SONNE é uma consultoria que atua focada em desenvolver e implementar planejamento estratégico. Somos especialistas nas oito frentes de trabalho que se entrelaçam com a que consideramos mais vital para qualquer empresa – estratégia. E, também, nas demais frentes conectadas à estratégia: marketing, design e gestão, assim como os demais quatro pilares  fundadores do conceito ABOVE ALL©.

A partir do conceito e metodologia proprietários, nossa equipe participa ativamente de todo o processo consultivo e executivo de cada um dos nosso projetos, trabalhando de forma colaborativa e fomentando a manutenção de um ambiente que busca atingir marcos recorrentemente às metas que compõem os objetivos globais do projeto. Somos acima da média em tudo o que fazemos e entregamos.​ Sempre.

Empregamos visão sistêmica e longeva em cada recomendação, e nos posicionamos sobre todas as decisões que precisão ser tomadas pelos donos e gestores das empresas que nos contratam. Trabalhamos de forma ágil – desde muito antes desse termo estar na moda. Somos uma empresa fundada e conduzida com o espírito de dono, por isso a maior parte dos nosso clientes caracteriza-se por ser de empresas familiares médias e grandes.​

Nosso trabalho de consultoria desafia o status quo e impulsiona as pessoas envolvidas a deixarem sua zona de conforto para entrar em uma zona de transformação, o que resulta na mudança dos patamares dos indicadores fundamentais de qualquer negócio – receita e lucro.​


Our ecosystem encompasses companies, brands, products, and services that operate independently but in perfect synergy, sharing content, knowledge, and expertise with those who come into contact with the SONNE universe.

SONNE was founded in 2009 as a boutique strategy planning consultancy, executing projects on demand. All deliveries are based on the concept conceived by its founder, Maximiliano Tozzini Bavaresco, who besides being the current CEO, is also a speaker, mentor, and author of the book that details the concept ABOVE ALL.

In 2016, we understood that our concept and methodology should be disseminated in order to promote transformation of people, brands, and companies on a global scale. That’s why we created three other fronts of operation besides consulting – one for education, one for technology, and one for intelligence.

To make education viable, we created LEARNENG, an online platform with content about the various business topics covered in the pillars of the ABOVE ALL concept.

For the technology front, we developed MACHEN, a SaaS, or Software as a Service, business management platform that assists with planning and execution, and through which we disseminate our concept and methodology.

And for the intelligence front, we conceived DENKEN, a market intelligence platform that provides objective studies, content, and insights to assist in quick and intelligent decision making.

With the aim of maintaining long-lasting relationships, regardless of the front of operation that our clients, team, or partners interact with SONNE, we created BRIGHT & CONNECTED, our brand focused on content and events.

Maximiliano Tozzini Bavaresco

Founder & CEO

A visionary entrepreneur with a strategic mindset, inventive problem-solver, and an aptitude for decoding complex issues and instituting dynamic systems.

Proven longevity in judgment for new business ventures and opportunities.

Focuses on the tangible, productivity, efficiency, and quality equally. Leads with ease and is often delegated leadership responsibilities due to his potential to analyze, plan and implement while maintaining clarity of both short, medium and long term objectives for himself and those involved.

Considered a strong leader due to his ability to have a distinct perspective even amidst objections. To handle the pressure and inherent uncertainty of business, he maintains control of the situation through a wide-ranging vision that encompasses multiple factors and cause-and-effect relationships, acting without delay when necessary.

Achieves the best results when applying strategic planning to anticipate the future, implementing these plans until the global objectives are achieved.