Strategy, Management, Marketing, and Design for Anticipating the Future, Understanding Your Customers, and Growing Your Business.

Maximiliano Bavaresco, CEO of the renowned consultancy SONNE, has created an innovative concept called ABOVE ALL© to guide companies on how to achieve their goals. This is the theme of his book, which is aimed at small and large companies, entrepreneurs, executives, and managers who want to invest in a self-awareness journey. The book covers topics such as strategy, management, marketing, and design to help businesses anticipate the future, understand their customers, and grow.

Estratégia, gestão, marketing e design para antecipar o futuro, entender seus clientes e fazer sua empresa crescer.
Um livro destinado a pequenas e grandes companhias, a empresários, executivos e gerentes que desejem investir em um mergulho de autoconhecimento.
Para orientar as empresas sobre como alcançar seus objetivos, Maximiliano Bavaresco, CEO da renomada consultoria SONNE, criou um conceito inovador denominado ABOVE ALL©, ou, em bom português, Acima de Tudo. Este é o tema deste livro.


“Max is an expert in strategic planning, and his work at Medcel produced results beyond expectations.”

Minister of Economy and former partner at Bozano Investments


An entrepreneur and strategic thinker, he founded SONNE in 2009, a strategic planning consultancy focused on business, brand, and human behavior.

With a degree in administration, he has worked as a businessman and executive in the automotive industry and was an associated director at Giacometti Advertising & Branding. His education includes specializations at centers of excellence such as Singularity University, Columbia Business School, Sloan School of Management (MIT), Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University, and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He lives in São Paulo with his wife and two children.

author of the book


Empreendedor e pensador estratégico. Em 2009 criou a SONNE, consultoria de planejamento estratégico focada em negócio, marca e comportamento humano.
Formado em Administração, atuou como empresário e executivo do setor automotivo e foi diretor associado da Giacometti Advertising & Branding. Sua formação inclui especializações em centros de excelência como Singularity University, Columbia Business School, Sloan School of Management (MIT), Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University e The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Mora em São Paulo com a esposa e os dois filhos.

“Max is a visionary strategist with a forward-thinking approach. His consultancy provides valuable methodologies and tools for businesses and organizations seeking to transform their calling into a legacy for the country.”

Founder of Localiza

Business Ecosystem – Book Release

How to connect companies, brands and people

Released on 09/15/2020

“Max manages to bring together theoretical sophistication and practical simplicity to generate concrete results. This book brings examples that serve as a reference for any organization (companies, entities, and governments) to generate more value in their segment. Indispensable for anyone who wants to make a difference.”

PAULO UEBEL, former Special Secretary for De-Bureaucratization, Management and Digital Government

"Above All will help you navigate the post-digital world. Max's insights, based on his entire experience and his ability to synthesize and communicate, will help you become a current and prepared leader to take advantage of opportunities."

GUILHERME SOAREZ, co-CEO of SingularityU Brazil and VP of Ânima Educação

"Maximiliano and SONNE brought to HDI a productive challenge and discussion about understanding who HDI is and how they should design and present themselves to the market. The connection and consistency of branding, business model, strategy, and future clearly defined the paths for HDI to pursue."

MURILO RIEDEL – Former CEO of HDI Seguros