Maksoud Plaza

“The differential of SONNE is that they truly embrace the client, creating a unique business partnership. The greatest quality of this team is being able to view the scenario in perspective, facilitating decision-making, even in difficult decisions. Our company has matured significantly since we began this work.”

Henry Maksoud Neto​, Former CEO of Maksoud Plaza

About the case

With its magnificent building located one block from Avenida Paulista, Maksoud Plaza has become synonymous with luxury and glamour in the city’s hospitality industry. Inaugurated in 1979, it soon became a meeting point for executives, politicians, and celebrities. Its 416 suites have housed everyone from Frank Sinatra – who performed four shows in the Grand Salon Nobre of the hotel in 1981 – to rocker Axl Rose; from Prince Rainier of Monaco to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. However, in the early 2000s, the number of guests began to dwindle. Indebtedness and legal disputes were affecting the quality of services. The death of founder Henry Maksoud in 2014 worsened the crisis, but on the other hand, it gave the heir, Henry Maksoud Neto, an opportunity to revive the legendary family business.

With the support of SONNE, present since the beginning of the new management, the hotel has been building a long-term strategic plan since 2016, in harmony with the current reality of the segment and the new profile of guests. By valuing its assets – including the strong brand and undisputed know-how – and identifying other markets, it seeks to become more than just a place to stay and entertain. Like an ecosystem, the Maksoud that is being drawn today makes room for different businesses within it, from co-working spaces to short-term rentals and co-branded items. Embracing and being embraced by the city that witnesses the stories of its past and its audacious present.


The major challenge was to revitalize the MAKSOUD PLAZA brand to once again become one of the main references in luxury hotels in São Paulo and Brazil, facing a scenario of presidential succession and an unfavorable environment due to legal issues that prevented external investment in the hotel, resulting in a negative historical result during an economic crisis and a changing tourism market.

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In the year it celebrates four decades, Maksoud Plaza, one of São Paulo’s most traditional hotels, seems to have many reasons to celebrate. Still in the process of renovating its commercial area, the lodging establishment had a historic record in revenue generation. The cumulative sales report shows that the average monthly revenue between January and August is R$ 7.1 million.

The indication is 12% higher than in the identical period last year and represents a 219% jump from the R$ 3.2 million obtained in 2014, when there was a change in the company’s presidency. Since then, Henry Maksoud Neto has been the company’s president.

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“At 65 years old in 2016, the employees began to see the hotel as a strong 40-year-old person in 2018,” reveals the president of Maksoud Plaza.

“The study’s results encourage us because they show a renewal of thoughts and actions in just two years. And ‘innovative’ was the most recurring word to describe how employees currently view the hotel,” adds Henry Maksoud Neto.