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Questions about SONNE and our specialties


Learn more about our pillars of action and why we transform organizations, brands, and people from the inside out.

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What is SONNE?

SONNE is a business consultancy focused on developing and implementing strategic planning.

What is the scope of SONNE's work?

SONNE’s scope of work covers eight fronts of action: strategy, management, design, marketing, knowledge, innovation, journey, and brand experience, in addition to the implementation of strategic planning. The topics contained in each of these fronts are listed on the “Specialties” page and further detailed in the brochure available for download on the same page of the website.

What are SONNE's differentials compared to other strategic planning consultancies?

Os diferenciais da SONNE em comparação a outras consultorias de planejamento estratégico são:  

1- We act in an agile and systemic manner through a proprietary concept and methodology called ABOVE ALL©, which is graphically represented below. This enables our clients to centralize their decisions for all strategic fronts in a single, trustworthy, and conflict-free contract.
2- We implement what we plan, that is, we carry out and make the strategy and its developments happen in practice until impacting our clients’ customers and consumers.
3- We offer services tailored to each need and business context presented on the “Solutions” page with investment values much more attractive than those practiced by multinational consultancies. Additionally, we can share part of the risks and results at the end of our projects.

How long has SONNE been in the market and how many projects has it developed?

SONNE was founded in 2009 and has been headquartered in the same location since then. In over a decade of existence in the market, we have already developed more than 80 projects for companies of all sizes and market segments, totaling more than 100,000 hours of consulting services in strategic planning focused on our specialties.

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What is SONNE not?

SONNE is not a:
• Advertising and propaganda agency (online or offline)
• Live marketing agency (events, activation, and brand experience)
• Financial consulting and auditing (financial, accounting, and tax)
• M&A consultancy (mergers and acquisitions)
• Turnaround consultancy (economic and financial recovery)
• Executive search and replacement consultancy (repositioning and hiring executives)
• Human Resources consultancy (training and development)
• Corporate architecture and environmental design office
• Market research institute
• Graphic design and branding studio (brand identity, packaging, and graphic materials)
It should be noted that some of our specialties encompass services that are related to companies in the sectors listed above, but, because we consider some of these services to be of a strategic nature, they are part of SONNE’s scope of work, as can be seen on our “Specialties” page.
In addition, we have a highly qualified and restricted range of partners, whom we recommend when our clients demand them.

Does SONNE carry out projects with work scope in other fronts and topics?

SONNE DOES NOT carry out projects with work scope in other fronts and topics, such as: compliance, logistics, technology, governance, finance, among others that are not listed on our “Specialties” page of the website.

Is SONNE focused on any industry or market segment?

SONNE is NOT focused on a specific industry or market segment. Our specialties are universal, vital, and inherent to any business, as we develop work of various scopes within our specialties in diverse sectors, such as: law, agribusiness, food and beverages, architecture and decoration, automotive, civil and corporate aviation, beauty and aesthetics, consulting and specialized services, cosmetics and dermocosmetics, education, sports, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, incentives and events, writing instruments, fashion, ophthalmology, dentistry, pulp & paper, petrochemicals, resorts & spas, insurance, retail, travel and tourism.

What does the name SONNE mean and why does the company use the blue and gold colors?

SONNE means SUN in German, the same origin as the founder’s surname and ancestors, who were from Bavaria, Germany. The blue and gold colors used in the brand and institutionally in its language unconsciously evoke images and projections of success, wealth, seriousness, and intelligence.

Questions about SONNE’s solutions and results


Understand SONNE’s work in practice, how we carry out our projects, and how we achieve measurable results.



What to expect from SONNE throughout consulting projects?

Throughout SONNE’s consulting projects, we will:
• Use proprietary concepts, methodologies, and tools – exclusive
• Challenge myths, truths, and paradigms of your company or industry
• Distill the company’s vocation
• Understand the “whys”
• Identify assets, levers, gaps, competencies, strengths, and weaknesses and their correlations
• Propose clear and logical strategic moves
• Conjecture non-linear theses about the past and present
• Construct future scenarios and apply judgment amidst the inherent uncertainty and complexity of any strategic planning
• Make clear and objective recommendations, regardless of consensus
• Act independently and without conflicts of interest
• Approach our reflections in a systemic, extrapolated, and bias-free manner

What are the common characteristics of most companies that hire SONNE?

The common characteristics of most companies that hire SONNE are related to aspects of the company and its leadership. They are generally medium and large-sized, family-owned businesses, ranging from the second to the third generation, or multinational corporations. In both cases, they have leadership – partners, CEOs, and directors – with complete autonomy to decide on their specialized service hires, without the need for justifications or a choice for international companies.

How much time commitment is required of partners, CEOs, and directors in a SONNE project?

The time commitment required of partners, CEOs, and directors in a SONNE project varies according to the contracted solution and the scope of each project. In general, since we have applied methodology from start to finish, and our projects work on an agile and systemic model, project leaders and sponsors must keep in mind that they will need to invest between 1.5 and 3 hours per week in mandatory meetings and activities in which they will participate. Immersion projects generally require two full days for the retreat and another day for a workshop to complete the work.

Do I need to have an executive responsible for strategic planning in the company to hire SONNE?

NO. There is no need to have a professional responsible for strategic planning in the company. What is essential and non-negotiable is that the partners, CEOs, and directors are involved. It is not necessary that they are actively involved throughout the entire project, but it is important to designate a central figure to lead the project. There is also the role of the project leader, which will be performed by the person responsible for interacting daily with the SONNE project leader to make things happen according to the methodology and weekly activities. These are the only two mandatory figures in any SONNE project within the client company.

What is the best way to contact SONNE?

You can contact SONNE through the contact form; you can call us; or send a WhatsApp message to the same number: +55 (11) 3093-9191, in addition to being able to schedule a meeting directly on the site through the link available on several pages.

What NOT to expect from SONNE during consulting projects?

During SONNE’s consulting projects, do NOT expect us to:
• Hire other service providers on behalf of your company
• Co-manage your business
• Provide any type of individual feedback to partners and executives about their work in the company
• Audit and supervise daily performance indicators
• Teach or know more than you and other executives about your company and your market
• Discuss issues related to micromanagement or other technical topics intrinsic to your business
• Carry out routine, tactical and operational activities of your business
• Make decisions on behalf of your executives or third parties
• Negotiate and be compensated for any type of activity outside our commercial proposal – detailed in our service contract
• Obtain direct or indirect investments for your company
• Allow any interference with our concept, methodologies and proprietary tools – including by third parties or other consultants

Why do business partners and executives choose to hire SONNE instead of an international consulting firm?

Business partners and executives choose to hire SONNE because they are not willing to pay astronomical fees to hire large consulting firms. In addition, they see in SONNE’s work a relationship of mutual trust, of higher quality and depth than what would be delivered by an international consulting firm.

Do I need to structure something in terms of strategic planning or have completed any strategic planning in the company's history before hiring SONNE?

No. It will not be necessary to structure anything in advance in terms of strategic planning, nor to complete any strategic planning related to the company’s history. The vast majority of companies do not have expertise and know-how, and generally have never hired a strategic planning consultancy. We often come across a financial model or budget that is seen as the company’s “strategy”. Therefore, we are accustomed to starting from scratch.

Who are the people who decide to hire SONNE and their main objectives within the company?

Owner, founder, or heir
• Increase EBITDA and profit
• Ensure revenue growth
• Perpetuate the brand and the company
• Plan the desired future
• Professionalize management
• Start the succession process

Executive manager – C-level or director
• Increase EBITDA and profit
• Leave their contribution in the company’s history
• Ensure results for shareholders
• Plan the company’s future
• Reinforce or create an organizational culture

Marketing, branding or sales manager
• Increase market share and revenue
• Increase recognition of the company’s brand
• Ensure ROI on investments
• Plan sales and marketing campaigns

Human resources or people & management manager
• Attract, retain, and develop talent
• Organizational climate
• Individual and team performance
• Career plan
• Purpose, values, and principles

Research, market intelligence, or innovation manager
• Structure, disseminate, and preserve the company’s knowledge
• Analyze and provide other areas of the company with data and information
• Create and implement innovations that produce results
• Analyze and understand market trends
• Analyze and understand customer/consumer behavior

Questions about clients and expectations


Understand why clients choose SONNE and what to expect from our work, clearly and objectively.



What services does SONNE offer?

SONNE offers four distinct types of specialized services presented on the “Solutions” page of our website. The essential distinctions among the consulting modalities are: the time of work, the scope in terms of specialties and topics addressed, and the investment. Project implementation can be contracted under both consulting modalities, as well as independently, for the execution of existing plans. Other services are also available, such as market studies, business diagnostics, and lectures and mentoring conducted by our founder and CEO, Maximiliano Bavaresco – Access his profile on LinkedIn.

What is the investment value for each solution offered by SONNE?

The investment value for each solution offered by SONNE varies based on some quite objective criteria, namely:
• Time (associated with the number of hours allocated and in days, weeks, or months of the project)
• Complexity (associated with the number of variables and time horizon of the scenarios conjectured in the project)
• Difficulty (associated with the effort and necessary initiatives throughout the project)
• Scope (associated with the number of specialties and their respective topics contemplated in the project)
• Risk (associated with the division between fixed fees and the potential project variable – when previously agreed)
At SONNE, each commercial proposal is customized and presented based on this set of criteria to be validated and approved by the client, before the start of any project.

How long does it take for SONNE projects to start generating practical or measurable results?

SONNE projects begin to generate practical results immediately after the first meeting. Methodologically, more and more people are impacted by the process, by the analyses, by the decisions, etc., and thus a virtuous cycle of transformation and professional and business growth begins. Measurable results are not long in coming, and the variation of performance indicators is directly linked to the involvement and engagement of partners, CEO, and directors in the project. Results beyond expectations and the history of each company emerge, in general, between six and 12 months of the project, but there are no guarantees due to imponderable and uncontrollable internal and external issues.



What is SONNE's modus operandi for delivering its consulting services?

SONNE’s modus operandi, that is, how we operate, can be defined based on two concepts: LEAN – which is the basis of AGILE; and SYSTEM DYNAMICS. In practice, this means that we seek to minimize risks while pursuing measurable results and maximizing the value perceived by clients throughout the entire process. We deliver each initiative in the shortest viable space of time. In addition, our recommendations and judgments are based on the context in which the company operates and on endogenous issues.

What is the most suitable SONNE solution for each company?

We recommend that all clients contract a diagnosis that will provide an understanding of the degree of business maturity and the need of each company. Regardless, we can make our recommendation based on initial conversations with partners, CEO, and directors of the company, adding to the demands presented, our expertise, and our history in dozens of other consulting projects.