Fitness and Wellness 

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The Wellness and Fitness Industry encompasses a wide range of activities that promote both mental and physical well-being. From gyms to yoga, personal care and beauty, nutrition and weight loss, meditation, and spa sessions, this sector has become a significant part of people’s daily routines. A wave of changes in consumer decision-making, driven by a healthier mindset, presents enormous opportunities for businesses. At the same time, this industry must become increasingly competitive, requiring greater strategic innovation to stay ahead of new trends and seize growth and market share opportunities. 



Wearable Technology

Portable and wearable technological devices are becoming increasingly common in people’s lives. These technologies can encourage physical activity and help achieve health goals, and can easily be found on smartphone apps. 

Live and Recorded Online Classes

Enabled by technology advancements, live and recorded online classes are becoming more and more sought after by physical activity practitioners, also driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend demonstrates that professional guidance for workouts can indeed be delivered through the online model. 

Health/Wellness Coaching

The pursuit of professional guidance has extended beyond the world of physical activities. There is a growing concern for overall health, and people are also seeking help to change their behaviors and adopt healthier habits. In light of this scenario, health/wellness coaching is becoming increasingly popular. 

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A healthy food company hired SONNE to design its growth strategy for the coming years. 

A Northeastern company that imports food based on a Japanese root and resells it in Brazil contacted SONNE for the formulation of a business model that encompassed B2B sales and its new focus: B2C sales. 

After extensive analysis and research, SONNE mapped the most appropriate sales channels for each audience. A major change was the insertion of the product into marketplaces, thus allowing national reach for B2C customers. 

Once the strategic part was completed, SONNE was asked to give a business pitch to attract investors, making the strategy and sustainable growth of the company in the coming years possible. 

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“When it comes to planning the future of an organization, it’s not enough to simply look back, understand its path to that point, and envision a linear continuation. It requires the ability to make judgments to take center stage.” 

Maximiliano Tozzini Bavaresco