Furniture and Decoration 

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The furniture and decoration industry encompasses activities that range from the extraction of raw materials to the transformation of these into final products: furniture and decorative items. It can be said that it is an industry that plays a relevant role in the productive chain of wood, the main raw material also in the supply of a huge network of specialized retailers and department stores. About the transformation of furniture and decorative pieces, this industry moves hand in hand with the fashion industry, after all the trends of this sector are transferred and adopted by the big furniture and decoration manufacturers. 


Decision-Making Inquiries

Consumers usually use the manufacturer’s website to research and decide on the furniture they will buy. There is also the emergence of new consumer profiles and channels that can be better explored by the furniture and decoration industries and trade, to make information available. 


Being present in different channels and integrating the omnichannel concept has become essential for brands. E-commerce, combined with the presence of essential physical stores for making purchase decisions for furniture and decorative items, deliver a complete experience to the consumer. 

Emotional Selling

The emotional approach to selling furniture and decorations has shown to be crucial in relating well with the consumer. “Security and well-being” are the keywords to define what many understand as home, and should be used in various channels, campaigns, and the identity of the furniture sector brands. 

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A large furniture company in Rio Grande do Sul sought SONNE to help diagnose all of its brands. 

The current architecture of the company followed the hybrid model, regardless of whether it was planned or not, through which some brands take on the group brand in the prefix or suffix and there are still independent brands. This allows the creation or addition of brands without objective criteria that can compromise the image of the group, causing confusion internally and, most importantly, preventing the sum of the profits of the business units from being greater and more sustainable. 

To establish the optimal brand architecture for the group, it is necessary to first define the goals that the company seeks for its future, based on the strategic pillars of the business. 

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Para estabelecer a arquitetura de marcas ótima para o grupo, é necessário definir anteriormente os objetivos que a companhia almeja para o seu futuro, com base nos pilares estratégicos dos negócios.

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When a person gets sick, they go to a doctor in search of a diagnosis and therapies and medications to get better. The doctor will ask for tests and then evaluate them to reach the diagnosis and suggest treatment. Analogously, the business diagnosis recommended by ABOVE ALL © aims to understand the problems and symptoms of the company, as well as its effects on the day-to-day business. 

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