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R$ 43.8 bn



CAGR FROM 2020 TO 2021




Currently, connectivity is crucial for any industry, both for businesses and their consumers. With advancements in the telecommunications sector, such as Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G accessibility and speed, people are now connected 24/7. With consumers having an abundance of options at their fingertips, the media industry has faced the need to serve quality content more intensely than ever before. With customers demanding constantly more customization and interactivity options, and a growing number of ways to engage with their audience, obtaining engagement has become increasingly challenging. The challenges ahead will require players in this industry to think strategically, respond with agility, and continuously improve in order to protect, expand, and prosper.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The advancement of AI directly impacts the telecommunications sector. This advancement mainly results in improvements in customer service and network optimization, arising from the machines’ learning from interactive processes. This flow of learning returns better management practices in automated environments, as is the case for much of the telecommunications sector.

Big Data

Big data, or the massive manipulation of data, allows for advanced and accurate analysis, which is essential for competitiveness. The four pillars of big data are volume, velocity, variety, and veracity of data.

Smart Cities

Smart cities take the internet of things one step further by creating an interconnected network and flow of resources that residents can access online. These interaction flows are considered smart because they make strategic use of infrastructure, services, and information with urban planning to respond to economic and social needs.

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Hired by one of Brazil’s largest communication groups, SONNE helped in restructuring the commercial area.

Initially hired to make the group’s business plan, SONNE heard from over 70 employees through in-depth interviews and over 100 through online surveys. This led to the identification of the need to restructure the commercial area of the entire group as the first step to be taken.

During the project, the hiring of a commercial vice president was suggested, a process in which SONNE assisted during the entire hiring phase. The vice president is now in action and, together with SONNE, making important changes in the commercial management. In a few months, it was possible to notice the change in the organizational environment as well as exponential growth.

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Management is the backbone of the business because it is responsible for execution, that is, for making dreams come true.

Maximiliano Tozzini Bavaresco