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Strategic Retreat

A project developed and executed in the strategic immersion model, designed by SONNE. Involves three well-structured and determined stages – 45-day pre-retreat preparation, two or three-day strategic retreat at a hotel, and 15-day post-retreat project consolidation, totaling 62 or 63 days from contract to final delivery of the plan.
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Project Consultancy

A project developed and executed from the client-specified demand, validated by SONNE in terms of scope and consistency with our specialties. It encompasses the pre-defined themes, deadlines and expectations. The project may last from 8 weeks to 24 months, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.
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Studies and Diagnostics

Data and information gathering from the industry’s target audience, as well as the analysis and diagnosis of the organization itself, through a repertoire of qualitative and quantitative research and interviews. Regardless of the scope defined for each project, we deliver a report highlighting, conclusions and strategic recommendations.
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Implementation and Management

Implementation of the action plans created during the strategic planning process, addressing the fundamental pillars for achieving short, medium and long-term results. Monitoring reports containing analysis of the implemented actions versus planned and highlights, conclusions and recommendations for any adjustments and course corrections.
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“We knew that we needed to transform the business and steer it towards the future. After all, the hospitality market in which we operate is changing deeply, and these changes are only expected to accelerate. Our market is being practically reorganized by a convergence of new apps, new ways of hosting. SONNE’s methodology helped us see what that future could be and create the conditions for us to adapt to it without compromising our values.”

Henry Maksoud Neto

Former President, MAKSOUD PLAZA
“Maximiliano and SONNE brought a productive challenge and discussion to HDI about our understanding of who HDI is and how it should be shaped and presented to the market. The connection and consistency of branding, business model, strategy and future clearly defined the paths for HDI to pursue.”

Murilo Riedel

“In August 2019, Medcel went public on the New York Stock Exchange. We are the fifth Brazilian company to do so to date. For us, founders, it was a grandiose, unforgettable moment: the pinnacle of the entrepreneurial dream that has driven me and my partner, Sandy, throughout our lives. We have a profitable, audited company that can spark the interest of investors on the stock exchange. The contribution of SONNE was essential to this great accomplishment. It was SONNE that made the Medcel brand! In 2015, when I left to ‘sell’ part of the company, the consultancy was at our side taking care of the management and maintaining stable numbers in my absence. SONNE is part of the great victory we have achieved!”

Dr. Atílio Barbosa

Founder, MEDCEL

“We did our five-year strategic plan with Max (SONNE). Almost 300 people, among them 150 lawyers, a true challenge.

Max was quizzed in every meeting and his ability to objectively conduct the work impressed me greatly.

Quickly, Max was able to deeply understand the office and, with his technical knowledge, we were able to finalize an ambitious and very detailed plan. Top professional! Expert!”

Fábio Campos Mello

“Under Max’s leadership, SONNE was able to impart solid strategic planning knowledge to the partners of Peex Brasil, which has helped us greatly in defining and building our future. His competence, high capacity and ability to relate to entrepreneurs and top executives always provoked productive discussions that later led us to act and change our business.”

Victor Martínez

“In 25 years of business and with countless consultancy jobs, Max from SONNE was undoubtedly the professional who left the greatest legacy for our growth. I believe that this result is due to the fact that, in addition to the technical knowledge, he acts with PASSION for the business… Max gives himself heart and soul to the projects he takes on!”

Roberto Alcantara

President, ANGELUS
“Max’s mentorship from SONNE was crucial for Geekie at a pivotal moment in the company’s history: after five years of operation and deep changes in the Brazilian context, we faced several strategic possibilities and were not clear on which path to follow. Max supported us with a well-defined, clear and concise framework, where we had the opportunity to structure and quantify our differentiators, best opportunities, necessary financial and human resources, and above all, how to align our purpose with the business model. (…). In less than three years, we have tripled in size and remain focused on the choice we made and that helped us evolve from a complementary to a central position in our clients’ business model.”

Claudio Sassaki

Co-Founder, GEEKIE
“Max played an extremely important role in helping us identify our strengths, weaknesses, market position and perception. I am convinced that Max has made a great impact on our company, honing our story and delivering great profitability results quickly. We, partners at Flow, are extremely grateful to have Max as a strategic consultant, we thank him for all his dedication and for being a great asset to our company.”

Rafael Gregori

Partner – Headhunter, FLOW EXECUTIVE FINDERS
“Max is a person with excellent interpersonal skills, communication, and provider of inspiring ideas that mobilize his clients to think and achieve their projects. His sharp business acumen and professional attitude quickly build trust-based relationships with clients and partners. He and his team added value to the project built in collaboration with the Pieron Institute. Highly qualified in branding and management, Max is certainly leading his company to a prominent position in the market. I strongly recommend Sonne as a company that truly adds value to your business.”

Willian Bull

Consultant Partner, INSTITUTO PIERON